Aug 13, 2011

Break it down for me...what's in those tarts anyway

Here's the nutritional info for a single serving of mousse. Each box has the info based on which sweetener was used. (click on box to zoom in)

The dates really plump up the calories per serving, but it also bumps up the fiber and protein. If you are watching your carb intake or your glycemic index, you should stick with the agave or the stevia option. The overall winner is agave, in terms of taste, ease of use and total calories.

Here's the info for the tart shells with the different sweeteners.

They are up there in calories, but look at the high amount of protein, iron and fiber. You also get 30% of your RDI (recommended daily intake) of magnesium, about half your RDI of manganese and over 330mg of Omega 3 fatty acid.  Imagine if you ate 2.

Lastly, here's the info for the mousse with tart shell and for a non tart option, the mousse with just strawberries. The strawberry option for those times you're too tied up to make tarts or for those times you just want some fresh strawberries.

The fresh fruit choice definitely keeps the calories and the amount of fat down. Check out the vitamin C boost! Try slicing the strawberries and spooning out the mousse as a topping, or even simpler, just dip and devour.

p.s. The mousse and the tarts hold up well in the freezer if you want to have some later or in advance. They even take on a fudgey texture once slightly thawed.

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