Jul 25, 2013

Sprouting 101, Mung Beans and Raw Sushi

The whole raw food movement or diet can be a little daunting. But don't be stressed out, you don't have to go as far as buying a whole new set of  strange kitchen tools like dehydrators, spiral slicers, nut butter grinders or high powered juicers. There are some simple foods you can add using what you have laying around. If you have a shallow bowl, jar or plate you can definitely sprout mung beans. Mung beans have a decent amount of fiber and protein, as well as Vit K and folate, B vitamin good for your skin, blood, bones...

Day 1 - add water
Day 2 - drain, rinse well, add enough water to cover halfway (twice during day)
Day 3 - drain, rinse and eat
If storing, use airtight container and keep in fridge.

Great topper for salad, in maki sushi or as a snack.

For the salad I used the Raw Pecan Ranch from an older post. Modify the ranch dressing for sushi by leaving out the lemon and sweetener. Add a teaspoon of dry wasabi powder if you want the extra kick.

For the raw maki sushi I did modify the pecan ranch and used the raw miso mayo.

Raw Maki Sushi
raw or toasted nori - cut into one inch strips
jicama - skin removed and cut into strips using a vegetable peeler
cucumber or zucchini - strips using a peeler
raw miso mayo - line down center
Layer nori, jicama, cucumber and mayo.
Roll into sushi. 
A variation uses the mung beans mixed with the raw miso mayo and diced red peppers. You can do it with or without the nori. To make room for the filling, the roll has a larger open center with butter lettuce to keep it from falling through.
For a shortcut you can also use a store bought Miso Mayo.

If you want to take on some more challenging sprouts, get your hands on alfalfa, broccoli, radish, garlic or red clover seeds. For those a sprouting jar, made using a mason jar and a square of cheese cloth, is easy enough to put together. Seeds, kits and info at Mumm's.

For more raw meals and desserts, the vibrant and inspirational Ani Phyo has a great site with some recipes and books available.

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